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light pole production line

Steel Pole Production Line Equipment List

1. Model: BS-T44Q-8*1800 cut to length line
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2. BS-ZQ11-8*2400*13000 steel plates diagonally shearing production line
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3. Model: BS-2-WE67K-400/6500 press brake(mechanical block cylinder)
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4.Model: BS-HFH400*8-13000 Automatic Welding Production Line
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5. Model: BS-W31Y-600*10 Steel Straightened Machine
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6. Model: BS-WG90*4 Tube Bending Machine
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7. Model BS-DMQG-350 CNC Lamp Door Automatic Plasma Cutting Machine
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8.Model: BS-ZDMJ-350*13000 Automatic Polishing Machine
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9. Model: BS-ZJP-13000 Electrostatic Spraying Production Line
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10. BS-HD120*12 Light Pole Drilling Machine
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11. BS-TRM12 Thread Rolling Machine
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12. BS-KE350S&BS-KE500S Welder
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13. BTSZ-4000/13000 CNC Flame Plasma Cutting Machine
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Light Pole Manufacturing Guide

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Types: Cut to length line, steel plates diagonally shearing production line, tandem press brake, automatic welding production line, steel straightened machine, tube bending machine, lamp door automatic plasma cutting machine, automatic polishing machine, electrostatic spraying production line, hole driller machine, thread rolling machine, welding machine, flame and plasma cutting machine.

Light pole standard

Light pole height:

Generally speaking, workers need to survey and measure different environments; then select different parameters of the poles according to the brightness of the LED light source.

Application scenario: Most of the scenic spots use solar garden lights, and the height of the lamp pole is relatively low.

Light pole material:

For example, steel structures are generally used on roadsides, which have great requirements on the sturdiness of the lamp poles. However, in the scenic area, only a simple light pole is needed, because collisions and other situations will not occur in the scenic area.

Such standards are part of the industry’s rigid requirements, and part of them are accumulated by enterprises based on their many years of production experience.

Ps: So the requirement when choosing a light pole is to ensure safety.

Light pole type

Light poles can be divided into iron light poles, FRP light poles, cement light poles, and aluminum alloy light poles according to their materials.

Iron light pole

The advantages of iron light pole

  • High strength

The disadvantages of iron light pole

  • Easy to corrode and rust;
  • The weight is three times that of aluminum, and the transportation and installation costs are high;
  • Limited recycling value;
  • Do not use plug-in installation;
  • The surface treatment method is monotonous.

FRP light pole

The advantages of FRP light pole:

  • Light weight and easy installation;
  • Plug-in installation is available.

Disadvantages of FRP light poles:

  • Short service life;
  • No recycling value, very difficult and expensive to dispose of;
  • Ultraviolet damage to the rod is very serious;
  • Maintenance costs are too high;
  • Easy to be damaged by external equipment.

Cement light pole

Advantages of cement light pole:

  • Plug-in installation can be used;
  • Good strength;
  • No need to spray.

Disadvantages of cement light poles:

  • Very heavy, which brings expensive transportation costs;
  • No recycling value;
  • Installation equipment is expensive and difficult to install;
  • Dangerous than other materials.

Aluminum pole

Advantages of aluminum pole:

  • Good anti-corrosion performance
  • Maintenance-free
  • Lightweight, convenient for transportation and installation
  • Various surface treatment methods
  • Longer life than iron and FRP light poles
  • 100% recycling, low melting temperature, energy-saving and emission reduction
  • Plug-in installation is available
  • Smaller amplitude than glass fiber reinforced plastic lamp pole

Disadvantages of aluminum alloy poles:

Compared to iron poles, the strength of aluminum alloy poles is relatively low, but the strength of aluminum alloy poles can reach the T6 standard through post-heat treatment.

Due to the numerous advantages of aluminum poles and other poles that are incomparable, aluminum alloy poles have been commonly used in developed countries such as Europe and America.

So, after understanding the standard, let’s see how the light pole is made!

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