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5. Model: BS-W31Y-600*10 Steel Straightened Machine


No. Model Value Unit
1 Straighten length Unlimited
2 Maximal straighten diameter of tube Φ600 Mm
3 Maximal thickness of steel tube 10 Mm
4 Power of motor Model Y160m-6 Mm
Power 11 Kw
Rotate speed 960 Rpm
5 Size L 4000 Mm
W 1280 Mm
H 2450 Mm
6 Weight 2700 Kg


 This machine with easy and compact structure, convenient and reliable.the time of putting steel pole to penetrator can be fit by workers.the workers hold the press-button press molding, the linearity was fit by eyes of the workers, it is with high efficiency.

 Spare parts supplier

Sn Name Spec. Qty Supplier
1 Oil pump 25 above dispalcement 1set Shanghai
2 Motor 11kw 1set South anhui or siemens motor
3 Sealings Full set 1set Japan
5 Hydraulic oil 46# anti-wear hydraulic oil 1barrel Shanghai(charged by user)
6 Hydraulic valve stack Dedicated system 1set Home made
7 Cylinder Dedicated cylinder 1set Home made

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