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6. Model: BS-WG90*4 Tube Bending Machine



No. Model Value Unit Note
1 Bending diameter Φ90 Mm
2 Bending radius R500,r700 Mm 2 sets of round mould
3 Bending tube thickness 4 Mm
4 Motor power Model Y132s-6 Mm
Power 3 Kw
Rotate speed 960 Rpm
5 Size L 3000 Mm
W 2300 Mm
H 620 Mm
6 Weight 2300 Kg
9 Submerged arc welding machine 630a 1set Shanghai
10 Wire feeding 1set Shanghai
11 Recycling machine 1set Wuxi
12 Line panel 1pcs Home made


This equipment composed by the board and bending mode, with two sets of molds. Direct mode traction motor reducer, will die on the pressure in the round steel bar along the curved arc surface, simple operation, without heating and filler, economic benefits, compared with the industry's large-scale bending machine is similar effect, is steel manufacturer of equipment necessary.

Spare parts suppliers

Sn Name Spec. Qty Supplier
1 Motor 3kw 1set South anhui or siemens motor
2 Reducer Zq250 1set Shanghai
3 Electric components 1set Delixi,chint,schneider,siemens
4 Bending die Radius 500mm 1pcs Home made
5 Bending die Radius 700mm 1pcs Home made

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