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  1. Pictures

2. Equipment description:

1.1 mainly used for variety of lamps, piping system intersecting line plasma cutting.

1.2 applicable workpiece material:mild steel (copper nickel tube, stainless steel pipe required plasma cutting).

3. Parameters

Sn Name Unit Remark
1 Cutting diameter Φ60-350 Mm
2 Cutting tube wall thickness 1~10 Mm
3 Limited cutting workpiece length 1000 Mm
4 Require workpiece ovality ≤1%
5 Effective cutting length 0-10 M
6 Cutting speed V≤3000(plasma) Mm/min
7 Movement speed V0=10~5000 Mm/min
8 To be cut pipe maximum weight 1500 Kg

Note:can be made according to your specific request

4. Motion axes:

Axis of motion Cutting machine axis number selection 2 axis
X-axis: The rotation axis of the pipe fittings
Y-axis: Torch along the axial horizontal movement to the tube   axis

5. Cutting machine steel transmission forming and cutting types:

4.1 cutting machine steel transmission forming:chuck structure

4.2 cutting mode:plasma cutting

6. Machine configuration :

Main components Brand
Cnc system Shanghai universal system
Drive system: Servo motor and drive
Cutting system Usa hypertherm system
Gearbox Chinese brand
Line guide Imported
Relay Schneider
Switch Domestic

7. Models introduction:

Dmqg-500*10 lamp door cnc plasma cutting machine is the special machine from jiangsu tewei machine tool manufacturing co.,ltd, the machine has beautiful structure,low centre of gravity. Running steady.

Horizontal-end beam

Horizontal beam adopt gantry welding structure, with good overall rigidity and high strength. Each leading surface had been machining by precision machinery to ensure the correct position of movement. End beam drive adopt four rollers position. The verter of gravity is stead and ensure the good dynamic balancing. All the welding parts adopt entire anneal to release the stress and prevent the deformation of structure.

Guide rail

The vertical rail adopt high-strength rail, the top surface and sides are made by precision machining of special grainder.


Vertical and horizontal transmission adopt high precision gear rack joogle. Together with accurate epicyclic gearbox to reduce speed. With high output torquemoment. Lower noise, long life smooth and so on features. It achieve high precision position and transmission. Accuracy level grinding teeth,hardened(carburized quenching)shaft gear. The transmission mechanism is life institution.

Drive system

Adopt japan yaskawa imported servo drive system. Sooth and reliable operation. High control accuracy.

8. CNC system:

Performance indicators

  1. Monitor:15" industrial LCD(touch screen)
  2. External interface: USB
  3. Chassis:steel structure completely shielded, anti-electromagnetic radiation and anti-static.
  4. Operating interface of Chinese tips, graphic display panel of the various working status indication. Cnc and drive integrated modular design, easy operation and maintenance.

System performance:

1.Temperature environment of the system working:-20℃ to +70℃

2. Fluctuation range of the grid voltage system can be able to withstand:ac 220v

3. Control accuracy:±0.01 mm

System features

  1. System is fully functional, high stability, strong anti-interference, applicable to various domestic and abroad plasma power;
  2. Price advantage,with strong cost performance;
  3. Cnc intersection cutting function;
  4. Can be cut on main pipe to many different direction, different diameter round pipe intersection line hole.

9. Main configuration:

Major equipment components name Specifications or model Unit Qty
Cnc cutting machine   host Dmqg-500*10 Set 1
Longitudinal rails Tewei Pieces 2
Longitudinal 7   gradeprecision rack Tewei Pieces 3
Cnc system Shanghai Set 1
Reducer Boneng drive Set 1
Digital servo and drive   motor Japan Sets 2
Plasma system Hypertherm Set 1
Lifting device Tewei Set 1
Arc adjusting device Tewei Set 1
Electrical control   cabinet Tewei Set 1

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