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9. Model: BS-ZJP-13000 Electrostatic Spraying Production Line


Sn Name Value Unit Remarks
1 Spraying length 13 M
2 Max spraying steel tube diameter Φ600 Mm
3 Max spraying steel tube weight 500 Kg
4 Power Electric heating 180 Kw/h
Fuel 22 Kw/h
Coal 20 Kw/h
Gas type 20 Kw/h
5 Pweder oven size L 14000 Mm
W 2100 Mm
H 3200 Mm Highest
6 Moveable spraying room size L 4800 Mm
W 1300 Mm
H 2400 Mm
7 Size 20500 Kg



The room was combined by cold steel rolling plate, the structure was easy, and also easy for cleaning.color side was install the convulsions sets.at the same time we install the dust-proof floodlight.It was very easy to operate spraying.

It adopt spelling installing.there is ripple plate outside.the surface of the oven was rigour, firm,nice,with good heat insulation.the temperature adopt general electrical machine to control,work in heat wind circulate.to keep the temperature in the furnace equality.and fully satisfy powder with 180℃±5℃ require of solidifying.

Major dispositions

(1)powder room

(2)high-voltage electrostatic generator

(3)spray system(4 sets)

(4)powder pump recovery system

(5)0.5t hanging conveyor system(1 set)

(6)traversing car

(7)bake oven curing system(electric heating,fuel type,coal type,gas type)

(8)electrical control system(1set)

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