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13. BTSZ-4000/13000 CNC Flame Plasma Cutting Machine

1. Picture

2. Description

Mechanical parts 2.1 Host width 4000mm
2.2 Longitudinal guide rail length 17000mm
2.3 Flame single cutting torch 1 group
2.4 Automatic ignition 1 group
2.5 Capacitance height adjusting 1 group
2.6 Plasma cutting torch 1group
2.7 Arc height adjusting 1group
2.8 Contact location 1group
2.9 Anti collision device 1group
2.10 Driven type Double sides
2.11 Pipeline transmission mode Transverse and longitudinal track
Electric parts 2.12 Cnc system Usa hypertherm micro edge
2.13 Driven system/motor Panasonic
2.14 Reducer Germany sew
2.15 Plasma source Usa hypertherm max pro125
2.16 Automatic program, nesting software Australia fastcam

3. Machine parameters

3.1Effective cutting width3000mm
3.2Effective cutting length13000mm
3.3Flame cutting thickness6-150mm
3.4Flame cutting speed5-750mm/min
3.5Plasma cutting thickness25mm
3.6Plasma drilling thickness20mm
3.7Plasma cutting speed0-6000mm/min
3.8Cutting torch raising space200mm
3.9Machine running speed0-9000mm/min
3.10Speed setting tolerance≤±5%
3.11Automatic height adjusting precision≤±0.1mm
3.12Vertical line precision±0.2mm/10m
3.13Total machine precision Side (4 sides)1000╳1000 Marking speed 500-800mm/min
3.14Side (4 sides)±0.5mm
3.15Diagonal error |ad-bc|±0.5mm
3.16Return origin bias±0.2mm
3.17Intersection deviation±0.5mm
3.18Inverse linear deviation±0.2mm
3.19Cutting plate surface quality (roughness)(as δ=25 plates)Rz(um)=70+1.2a With eyes: roughness 12.5
3.20Verticality and angularity toleranceΜ(mm)=0.4+0.015a, tool: angle ruler

4. Machine running condition

4.1Source voltage/frequency3×380v±10%/50hz, 220v±10%/50hz
4.2Input power3kw
4.3Cutting oxygen pressure0.5-0.9 mpa
4.4Pre head oxygen pressure0.4-0.6 mpa
4.5Gas pressure0.05-0.1 mpa
4.6Gas typesAcetylene, propane, propylene, natural gas.
4.7Surrounding temperature0-50℃
4.8Relative humidity<90% no condensation
4.9SurroundVentilation. No big impact

5. Components

1. Cutting beam                                                                                              1set

2. Flame cutting torch                                                                                    1group

3. Plasma cutting torch                                                                                  1group

4. Control cabinet                                                                                           1group

5. Confluence                                                                                                 1group

6. Cutting table and hanging frame                                                              1group

7. Beam rail                                                                                                    1group

8. Automatic programming, nesting software Australia fastcam                  1set

9. Bearing beam foundation (charged by user)

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