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Engineering Characteristics and Construction Layout of Thin Material Slitting Line

The quality requirements of the slitting machine equipment are high, so the relative requirements for construction technology are also high, and it is necessary to be familiar with various technical data, the installation and commissioning tools and instruments.

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We are participating in Metalogic Conference Event on 20th Dec'22 in Pune (India)

Metalogic Conference on Steel Service Center, Retailing & Distribution on 20th December 2022 at Hotel Tip Top International, Pune, India." We, will participate in Metalogic Conference Event on 20th Dec'22 in Pune.

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Application of Cut to Length Line in Sheet Metal Industry

1. Is cut to length line common and commonly used in metal processing?  In metal processing, the cut to length line can be a common and commonly used processing equipment, which is used to uncoil, level and cut the metal sheets, so as to achieve the processing purpose and obtain the desired processing effect. 2. […]

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A Brief Introduction to Steel Coil Slitting Line

Slitting line, also known as slitter and slitting machine, is a name for metal slitting equipment. It is suitable for longitudinal shearing of metal strips and recoiling the narrow strips after slitted into coils. It has the characteristics of easy operation, high cutting quality, high material utilization and stepless speed regulation. The main components of […]

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Differences between Cut to Length Line and Slitting Line

Cut to length line is used to uncoil, level, measure and cut metal sheet coils to flat sheets in required length and stack the products to piles. It is suitable for processing cold-rolled and hot-rolled carbon steel, silicon steel, tinplate, stainless steel and various metal materials with surface coating.   Structure Composition of Cut to Length […]

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We are at EuroBLECH 2022 Waiting for You

EuroBLECH Sheet Metal Technology Exhibition in HANOVER, GERMANY from 25th-28th October’2022 is going on. Welcome to our Hall at 13 HALL, STALL NO. D184E We, Blue Sky Machine, as a leading manufacturer of Sheet Metal Equipment and Production Lines. Cut to length line, Slitting line, Tube Mill and Roll Forming Machine. We are at 13 […]

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