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8.Model: BS-ZDMJ-350*13000 Automatic Polishing Machine


No. Model Value Unit
1 Diameter of grinding steel tube Ø350 Mm
2 Length of grinding steel tube 13000 Mm
3 Steel tube run around speed 44326 Turn/m
4 Grinding steel tube run speed 1100 Mm/m
5 Measure L 17000 Mm
W 2000 Mm
H 800 Mm
6 Weight 1500 Kg


Description of machine

This machine steel tube adopt self-run and the movement of the machine in order to move the steel tube. The machine is fitted with grinding polishing bar, these grinding polishing bars will grind and polish the surface of steel tube quickly. It is speedy, efficient, saving workers and energy.it was the first choice for grinding and polishing every poles.

    Two belts polishing at the same time, can install two different degree of belts, one-time polished finish.dust recycling automatically, to ensure that the operating environment of health, the light pole polishing after galvanized zinc dust can be effective recovery and sale, guarantee the health of workers, also can create value.

 Spare parts supplier

Sn Name Spec. Qty Supplier
1 Sand belt motor 3kw 1set South anhui or siemens beide
2 Walking adjustable motor 0.75kw 1set South anhui or siemens beide
3 Rotating motor 0.55 kw 1set South anhui or siemens beide
4 Dustless motor 3 kw 1set Shanghai
5 Electric components 1set Delixi,chint,schneider,siemens
6 Reducer Bwd150 1set Dajiang
7 Rotating reducer Bwd150 1set Dajiang

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