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4.Model: BS-HFH400*8-13000 Automatic Welding Production Line

Main technology parameter

No. Model Value Unit
1 Seam length ≤13000 Mm
2 Max seam thickness 8 Mm
3 Host header size(l*w*h) 1500*480*1645 Mm
4 Worktable size(l*w*h) 13500*400*480 Mm
5 Max seam diameter Φ400 Mm
6 Min seam diameter Φ60 Mm
7 Welding current 630 A
8 Walking device motor Model Yct160-4b 8
9 Oil pump motor Model Y2100l2-4 9
10 Recovery motor Model Y100l-2 3 kw
11 Gear pump Model Cbn-e306 25ml/r
12 Max pressure system 10 Mpa
13 System working pressure ≤5 Mpa
14 Machine size r 31000 14
W 1600
H 1650
15 5800 Kg


This machine composed by main machine head, tractive body and feeding shelf. Tractive body was moved by collet in small vehicle nipping the steel pole’s collet. When the small vehicle moved, drives steel pole, from small collet to big collet, regularity moved. The big side of the steel pole was hold by feeding vehicle, force automatic sewing from head of machine to steerable wheel. At one time, the welding machine starts welding. This machine adopts multiple wire submerged arc welding, solder was reclaimed automatic. Welding line was symmetrical and slinky. It has strong filter, forming one time, And be with high welding efficiency. The speed of welding achieve 2 to 3 meters per minutes, is about 3 times of the gas welding. The cost of the welding is lower than gas weldong. It is with speedy welding, high efficiency, and lowest price in china light poles industry now.

 Welding light pole, high light pole, power pole body

Main spare parts supplier

Sn Name Spec. Qty Supplier
1 Gear pump 25 above displacement 1set Huaiyin
2 Gear pump motor 3kw 1ste South anhui or siemens motor
3 Bencher 3kw 1set South anhui or siemens motor
4 Reducer Bwd220 1set Dajiang
4 Sealings Full sets 1set Import from japan
5 Electric components 1set Delixi,chint,schneider,siemens
6 Hydraulic oil 46# anti-wear hydraulic oil 1barrel Shanghai(charged by user)
7 Bearings 1set Harbin
7 Hydraulic valve stack Dedicated system 1set Home made
8 Cylinder Special cylinder 1set Home made
9 Submerged arc welding machine 630a 1set Shanghai
10 Wire feeding 1set Shanghai
11 Recycling machine 1set Wuxi
12 Line panel 1pcs Home made

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