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  1. Introduction

Thread rolling machine is actually a multi-function cold roll forming machine, the machine can roll within the scope of its pressure, the workpiece in the cold state of the thread, straight, straight teeth, knurling, and other forming rolling. Cold rolling process is an advanced non-cutting process, which can effectively improve the internal and surface quality of the workpiece, which is an ideal process with high efficiency, energy saving and low consumption.

2. Picture and technical indicators:

No Technical indicators Technical parameters
1 Suitable for pipe diameter 50~120mm
2 Suitable for pipe thickness 2~10mm
3 Max. Hole diameter 12mm
4 Drilling cutting feed stroke 0~30mm
5 Feed driving force 1200n
6 No loading rotation speed 1000rpm
7 Drilling motor 600w+600w
8 Air consumption for single head 3~6 l/stroke
9 Total power consumed 1.2kw
10 Power supply 380v,50hz 3 phases, or according customer requirement
11 Overall dimension(l×w×h) 1950mm×1450mm×960mm
12 Weight 550kg
No Technical indicators Technical   parameters
1 Diameter range of hydraulic workpiece 3-80mm
2 Pitch range of rolling workpiece Metric thread 0.5-4mm
3 Trapezoidal thread 2-4mm
4 The maximum size of workpiece M36
5 The maximum adjustment angle ±10°
6 The maximum taper of threaded workpiece   screw 3000mm(need to add protection device)
7 The height of machine table to rolling mold   center 1:16
8 Diameter of the spindle installed thread   module 160mm±0.50
9 Width of spindle mounted thread mold key Φ54mm
10 Maximum diameter of rolling die 12mm
11 Range of rolling die 180mm
12 Maximum roll pressure 30-120mm
13 Spindle speed 12.5kn
14 Mechanical transmission motor power 31rpm(frequency)
15 Hydraulic drive motor power 5.5kw
16 Cooling motor 2.2kw
17 Size(l×w×h) 1500×1400×1500
18 Weight 1800kg

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