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3. Model: BS-2-WE67K-400/6500 press brake(mechanical block cylinder)

1. Figure

2. Technique parameters of machine

1Nominal pressureKn2*4000
2Bending lengthMm2*65000
3Column gapsMm5600
4Slider strokeMm320
5Max opening heightMm1050
6Throat depthMm1000
7Width of tableMm450
8Slider velocityIdle load≥90
11Main motor powerKw2*30
12Size(l×w×h)Mm2 x 6500x2900x5250
13Machine weightKg2*55000
15Machine accuracySlider repeatabilityMm≤0.02
16Slider positioning accuracyMm≤0.02
17 Workpiece straightnessMm0.75/m
18Bending angle error<45/m
19Grating resolutionMm0.005
  1. Configuration
    standard holland delem cnc system
    germany bosch high performance servo hydraulic system to control synchronization
    both sides with optical scale to detect synchronization position feedback
    one set of upper and lower dies
  2. Main imported parts
    -- cnc system      holland delem da52s
    -- hydraulic system      germany bosch
    -- scales       germany
    -- high pressure axis piston pump  domestic famous brand
    -- tubing connector      zhejiang
    -- seals     japan
  3. Dies
    (1). Upper dies: Each for standard die handle and pressing die, detachable, length is 14000mm.
    Polygon upper die round upper die

(2). Bottom dies: One set of combination die, v type bottom die open, length is 14000mm.

Combination bottom dies

8. Press brake front and back feeding

(1). Front feeding

Front feeding

(2). Back feeding and side discharging

Back feeding and side discharging

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