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January 6, 2023

Engineering Characteristics and Construction Layout of Thin Material Slitting Line

Combined with the production process of slitting lines, the site can be divided into several processing areas, namely feeding area, slitting area and edge scrap winding area. Among them, the length of the feeding area of the slitting line is about 4m, the slitting area is about 10m, and the edge scrap winding area is used to wind the edge scrap on the floor, which will be moved to the hoisting hole through the scrap sliding groove, and then lifted out by the crane.

Characteristics of Installation

In order to ensure that the steel slitting line actual production requirements are met, the installation accuracy required by the drawing design is relatively high, and the quality requirements of the slitting machine equipment are high, so the relative requirements for construction technology are also high, and it is necessary to be familiar with various technical data, the installation and commissioning tools and instruments. 

Construction Layout:

Considering the limited installation space on site, the arrangement of the slitting line is relatively compact. Therefore, the reasonable allocation of equipment and construction land occupation should be fully considered in the construction division. In addition, the construction site should be fenced with colored strip cloth to avoid affecting the lines in production. At the same time, combined with the conditions of the site, a temporary warehouse can be arranged around the site for storing wearing parts, and the specific location of the warehouse is specified by the owner and uniformly arranged according to the actual situation of the site. Most of the slitting equipment should be installed with the unpacked, reducing the occupation time as much as possible and improving the efficiency of the equipment occupation.

After the slitting line is unpacked and inspected, its basic condition should be checked together with the on-site management personnel for any possible damage or missing part. After confirmation, it will be sent directly to the construction operation point and arranged in order to facilitate the smooth implementation of the installation.

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