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September 10, 2021

Best Cut to Length Machines


Metal sheets come in coils, and it isn't easy to square them up. So instead, you have to uncoil the metal sheets and cut them into various shapes and sizes.  It was a time-consuming process, and the result was not satisfactory. The advent of technology has made the impossible a reality. It is now an effortless process as with the beginning of the cut to length machine; you can easily cut the metal sheets into different sizes without any flaw. You can take any length of coiled metal sheets and flatten them quickly into various sizes.  The machine uses enormous pressure to compress and flatten the sheet according to their thickness.

You can use the Cut to length machine for various purposes, including processing hot and cold rolled galvanized and stainless steel coil. It also can process ferrous and non-ferrous metals like aluminum, copper, and brass coils. You can easily compress these products into different sizes and shapes.  These machines are very effective as they have been supplying the end-products to various industries across the globe. The durable products you use in your daily life are products of the Cut to length machines as we use metal and aluminum sheets in most of the products.  

It is challenging to uncoil a material, especially if it is a metal. These machines not only straighten the material but also cut them into sheets of a specific length. The Cut to length line machine is very effective as it also does the work of opening and straightening the edges of the coil, which otherwise becomes very difficult and leads to wastage. It can also trim the boundaries according to the thickness of the sheet. In addition, the machine ensures that there is accurate feeding of the sheet. Else the sizes and shapes will not be according to the specifications.

The cut to length Line machine has three options to ensure that the end product is of excellent quality.  The options are:

  • Cut to length line- Light – It can operate up to 30 tons with a speed of 80m per min and thickness of 0.2 to 3mm. It is one of the best coil cutting machine.  You can easily cut any coil of metal in a particular shape and size. You can even flatten the coil of metal or aluminum using the required pressure. This coil cutting machine is helpful for the industries that deal with doors, refrigerators, and other similar task.
  • Cut to length line -Medium – It can operate up to 30 tons with a speed of 60m per min and thickness up to 8 mm.  You can process the coiled metals into the required format and send them for re-sale.
  • Cut to length -Heavy – It can operate up to 40 tons with a speed of 30m per min and thickness up to 25 mm.  You can automatically cut the metal sheet without any loop.  It gives the ultimate satisfaction to the customers as they receive the product in the correct shape and size.

Types of Cut to Length Machines

We have three different kinds of Cut to Length machines, and each of them is unique in its specialty. For further you can reach us on bluesky-machine.com.

1.  Flying Shear Machine

You can use the flying Shear Machine in Industries to cut a continuous sheet without any interruption.  It helps in maximum production, thus saving time.  Once the coil is ready to move into the machine, you can process it in the uncoiler.  Before the cutting is in progress, you have to do one test run of a sheet of metal to check the length and flatness of the metal.  If the material size is according to the given specification, the final green signal is provided to continue with the process.  The machine then resumes the works until it reaches its count.

The Flying Shear Machine is specially designed to give maximum efficiency with minimum effort. However, care is also taken that accuracy is maintained at the highest level because ultimately, customer satisfaction matters the most at the end of the day.  If by any chance, the accurate size of the sheet is not given, it will be wastage as the machine continues to cut the sheet till it reaches its desired pieces.

2.  Feed to Stop Line

The Feed to Stop Line machine runs manually as you can adjust the length of the material as and when you require. When the line stops, the machine humps up; hence, it is called the Hump Line machine. You can manually control the machine and cut the material if you desire, and start the process of cutting again. It reduces the cost of wastage because if you feel that the length of the material is not of a particular size, you can stop it and adjust the size accordingly.  

3.  Row Feed Line with Looping Pit coil cutting machine

The Row Feed Line with Looping Pit machine is instrumental as it controls the length of the sheet.  You can stop the device at the shear and allow the rest of the metal to continue the process.  The most beneficial aspect of the machine is that there will be no marks if you stop the leveler in the middle.  It is a very effective machine when you want to cut metals as per your choice.  The metals' end product is fantastic as you can cut in the exact proportion of the size given.


The Cut to Length is an advantage to the industries as they can get the end product of the coil of metal or aluminum in their own choice. The output is smooth without any edges, and you can practically cut in any size of your requirement. It is one of the best cutting machines that will satisfy your needs.  The cut to length machines is designed with the latest technology and completely compatible with the customers' needs. We at bluesky-machine.com are in this line of business over the years and have a created an impact on the industries.  

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