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November 22, 2022

A Brief Introduction to Steel Coil Slitting Line

Slitting line, also known as slitter and slitting machine, is a name for metal slitting equipment. It is suitable for longitudinal shearing of metal strips and recoiling the narrow strips after slitted into coils. It has the characteristics of easy operation, high cutting quality, high material utilization and stepless speed regulation.

The main components of the hydraulic system of the Slitting Production Line adopt high-precision components, the electrical control adopts imported PLC program controller and touch screen for the whole line of function control; One-key coil loading guarantees the smooth completion of each process, effectively reduce the labor intensity of workers, and has a high cost performance; It is a high-performance product integrating machine, electricity and hydraulics.

Using finite element analysis method, computer-aided optimization design, the product design structure is reasonable. The overall body structure is made of welded steel plates, with the use of aging heat treatment to eliminate the stress in the frame, it has good strength, rigidity, vibration resistance and long service life.

The manufacturing process of the whole Slitting Machine is strictly in accordance with the design specifications of the machine, and the machine body adopts CNC floor-type boring and milling machine for one-time processing and forming to ensure the parallelism and perpendicularity of each installation surface. With the experience of material selection, the processing technology is complete and reasonable, effectively improve the product accuracy and precision retention.

The whole frame is de-rusted and sprayed with anti-rust paint, and the painted color is long-lasting and bright. Working shafts of the whole machine adopts heavy-duty bearings and advanced lubrication system, which has a long service life.

The motor control system basically adopts weak current control to ensure the safety of the operator. It has high degree of automation, convenient and simple operation, upper and lower working roller clearance can be adjusted quickly through the motor, effectively shorten the auxiliary time and improve high efficiency.

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