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November 25, 2022

Application of Cut to Length Line in Sheet Metal Industry

1. Is cut to length line common and commonly used in metal processing?

 In metal processing, the cut to length line can be a common and commonly used processing equipment, which is used to uncoil, level and cut the metal sheets, so as to achieve the processing purpose and obtain the desired processing effect.

2. Can the manufacturer of the cut to length line have other products?

 The main product of the manufacturer of the CTL Production is Cut to Length Line, but this does not mean that the manufacturer only has the product ofcut to length line; Instead, the manufacturer can also have other products, such as uncoiler, bending machine and leveler, which can allow buyers to have a variety of different choices and meet different purchase needs.


3. Does the sheet metal industry need to use cut to length line?

 Coil cut to length line, from a professional point of view, is a series of processing operations such as uncoiling, leveling and shearing of metal sheets, which can be specially used to process cold-rolled coils and hot-rolled coils, so the sheet metal industry needs to use cut to length line, especially in the combination of uncoiling, leveling and shearing.


4. Is thin sheet cut to length line used to process cold-rolled coil or hot-rolled coil?

 Thin Coil Cut To Length Line is a specific type of cut to length lines, which is used to process cold-rolled coils with a thickness of 0.3-3mm in application. Moreover, the processing width of this type of equipment is possible to reach 1300mm in the pass. But with the continuous advancement of science and technology, it can now reach 1500mm.

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