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Pole Polishing Machine

This machine is automatic running under pipe self rotating and grinding machine moving. On grinding machine ,there installed flap wheel, flap wheel grind on the surface of pipe,suitable for galvanized and stainless pipe surface. The speed is quick and simple operation. It is with high efficiency, saving personnel and power. It is the good machine for grinding pipe surface.

Project Data
Model Number: ZMDJ500*14000 ZMDJ Wide Belt Sander
Power Source: Electricity
Variable Speed: Yes
Rated Voltage: 380V
Rated Input Power: 2.6 KW
Frequency: Normal
No-Load Speed: 1100 mm/min
Sand Pad Size: OEM
Application: Steel pipe
Weight: 2000 kg Showing 1 to 10 of 18 entries previous next

1.Polish yard quick and easy to carry out various body-polishing polished

2.Automatic recovery is environmentally friendly and also the recovery of zinc powder

3.Using sand belt grinding, low cost, fast, saving manpower. After polishing the polished finish on the high-speed regulation can be arbitrary.


1 grinding pipe diameter ø350 mm
2 grinding pipe length 14000 mm can be lengthened or shortened
3 steel pope rotation speed %s rev./min
4 grinding running speed 1100 mm/min
5 machine size l 17500 mm
w 2000 mm
h 1800 mm
6 machine weight 1950 kg

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