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Electrostatic Painting Machine

Electrostatic Painting Equipment, US $ 10,000 – 30,000 / Set.Electrostatic Painting Machine, Maximum Processing Capacity 12 M 600 mm.

Name: Electrostatic Painting Machine
Spraying Length: 12 m
Max Spraying Diameter: 600 mm
Max Spraying Steel Tube Weight: 500 kg
Power: 200 kw/h
External Dimensions: 45000*5000*2500 mm
MOQ: 1 set
Port: Shanghai
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
Supply Ability: 2 set/monthPreviousNext

Supply Ability
Supply Ability: 1 Set/Sets per Month

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details: Normal packing or as guest’s request.
Port: Shanghai
Lead Time : 20-30 Days


2. Characteristic
The room was combined by cold steel rolling plate, the structure was easy, and also easy for cleaning.Color side was install the convulsions sets.At the same time we install the dustproof floodlight. It was very easy to operate spraying.

It adopt spelling installing. Ther is ripple plate outside. The surface of the oven was rigour ,firm,nice,with good heatinsulation. The temperature adopt general electrical machine to control, work in heat wind circulate. To keep the temperature in the furnace equality. And fully satisfy power with 180° C±5°C require of solidifying.

3.Major dispositions
(1)Powder room

(2)High-voltae electrostatic generator

(3)Spray system(4 sets)

(4)Powder pump recovery system

(5)0.5 Hanging conveyor system(1 set)

(6)Traversing car

(7)Bake oven curing system(electric heating,fuel type,coal type,gas type)

(8)Electrical control system(1 set)

1.compact,the yard dedicated line painting equipment

2.convenient and easy to operate

3.attractive appearance. Low price,as well as any other for spraying long workpieces

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