//Cold-Rolled Steel Slitting Line Machine BSSL 3X1400MM

Cold-Rolled Steel Slitting Line Machine BSSL 3X1400MM

High Precision And High Speed Cold-Rolled Sheet Metal Slitter Machine.Line Running Speed: 0-120m/Min.

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Product Description

Ⅰ Main technical data :

  1. Material parameter:

(1) Suitable material: colour coated CR & Pre-galvanized Steel

(2) Slitting thickness: 0.25-3.0mm

(3) Slitting width: 1500mm

(4) Coil I.D.: (feeding) Ф508mm, (hydraulic uncoiler)

(Unloading) Ф480mm-Ф508mm (hydraulic recoiler)

(5) Coil O.D.: Ф1600mm

(6) Coil weight: max. loading & unloading weight–10T

  1. Product parameter:
  • Slitting nos.: 8pcs
  • Width accuracy: ≤±0.05mm
  • Straight line accuracy: ≤1mm/2000mm
  • Recoiler spindle diameter: Ф508mm
  • Recoiler recoiling O.D.: ≤Φ1600mm
  1. Other parameter:
  • Line running speed: 0-120m/min
  • Power supply: as per user
  • Installed capacity: about 183KW
  • Drive motor:

Coil car—normal motor AC1.5KW

Uncoiler—normal motor AC7.5KW

Uncoiler hold down arm—cycloidal pin motor AC1.1KW

pinch roll —normal motor AC22KW

Slitter—AC motor55KW

Recoiler—AC motor 90KW

Unloading car—normal motor AC1.5KW

Hydraulic unit—normal motor AC7.5KW

  • Production line direction: as per user
  • Operator: 2 technicians, 1 normal worker


Ⅱ Components

1.Coil car
used slitting machine for sale in india
2.Hydraulic uncoiler
3.Hydraulic supporting arm
4.Shovel & pinch roll
coil cutting machine
slitting machine operator vacancies
6.Loop pit Ⅰ

7.Manual side guide
coil slitting formula
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9.Scrap recoiler

10.Loop pit Ⅱ
slitting machine manufacturer in ahmedabad
11.Damping tensio unit
coil lines
coil slitting formula

13.Hydraulic supporting arm
roll slitting machine
14.Unloading car
slitting and rewinding machine
15.Hydraulic system
16.Electric control system
17.Standard accessories


Ⅲ Process

Coil moving—coil lifting—uncoiling—supporting—storing—side guide—slitting—scrap recoiling—storing—damping—recoiling—supporting—unloading—coil convey out


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