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Hat Section (60_70_80 * 40) mm (3 profiles in 1) Roll Forming Machine Line

Hat Section (60_70_80 * 40) mm (3 profiles in 1) Roll Forming Machine Line

I. Profile: (according to confirmation by both parties)

 Profile – 1:

 Profile – 2:

          Profile – 3:

II. Process flow:

Uncoiling ------> Levelling -----> Guide Feeding -----> Hydraulic cutting (Pre-cutting) -----> Roll Forming -----> Auto unloading (Discharge table).



III. Main Component Data:

1.     Suitable materials       : Galvanized steel

2.     Material thickness     : 0.8-1.2mm.

3.     Material width            : 300mm.

4.     Coil ID                        : 500mm

5.     Coil OD                      : 900mm

6.     Loading weight         : 3000KG

7.     Forming speed          : 0-15 m / min

8.     Feeding accuracy       : L≤3000mm ± 1.0 (related to material quality)

9.     Straightness accuracy    : L≤1000mm ± 2.0 (related to material quality)

10. Power supply voltage     : 415 V, 50Hz, 3Ph ,Drive motor 4KW+7.5

11. Feeding direction            : feeding direction: form left to right (face to control panel),As per user

12. Transmission             : cycloidal pin and chain transmission

13. Machine color           : blue and orange red or as per buyer


IV. Main components of the Machine:

NameModel / NameQuantityInstructions
1. Single head material rackML-4001 setPassive Uncoiling, Hydraulic expansion
1.     Main engine forming systemFeeding guide device1 sethorizontal direction
Horizontal rack18 nosLower shaft active move while upper shaft passive move, roll forming between 2 side plates
Cut-off system1 setAuto cut to length, hydraulic shearing
2.     Unloading table1 setEquip simple products blanking frame
3.     Electric control system1 setPLC Control system


VI. Parameters of each component:

1. Uncoiling / leveling machine:

(1) Function                         : single head, hydraulic expansion

(2) Roll support                    : cantilever

(3) Unwinding method         : Passive

(4) Tightening method         : mechanical linkage

(5) Loading Capacity           : 1000KG

(6) Coil I.D                            : 500MM

(7) Coil O.D                           : 700MM

(8) Uncoiler power               : 3 KW

2. Hydraulic Cutting system (Pre Cutting):

(1)  With hydraulic as shearing power, hydraulic components from joint venture brand.

(2)  Shearing method: 3 specifications and 3 cutters mould. The work piece is auto cut off according to the parameters set by the touch screen, blade material Cr12mov, quenched, HRC60℃.

(3)  Machine transmission parts use Taiwan TBI precision linear guide way.

(4)  Hydraulic motor: 5.5kw

3. Roll Former:

1)    Frame: Welding the overall structure from profiled steel,The plane of the frame is precisely processed by a gantry milling machine, Thickness 40mm,

2)    Standing house side panel:individual standing house,After finishing the surface is blackened; horizontal axis diameter φ58, key 16mm.

3)    Roll material: Cr15 mould steel, heat treatment: HRC58℃ after precision CNC processing. Hard chrome plated surface

4)    Straightness: Single wheel structure, both up & down, left & right can be adjusted to guarantee products straightness.

5)    Roller way qty.               : 18 nos.

6)    Forming speed             : 0-15m/min

4. Unloading table:

(1)  Material receiving roller size       : 3000mm

(2)  Structure                                     : Independent agency

5.    Electric control system:

(1)  Frequency control of motor speed control of main drive motor, Equipped with PLC programmable controller, Rotary encoder controls length.

(2)  With 7 inch color touch screen, control mode: touch screen and button control.

(3)  With a handheld controller.

V.  Working environment:

1.     Environment temperature: -10℃~+40℃.

2.     Relative air humidity: no more than 60% when +40℃, and no more than 95% when +25℃.

3.     There is no material may cause explosion, nor gas that may corrode metal or damage insulating layer, and no conductive dust.

4.     No rains or snows.

5.     Power supply: voltage 380V±10%, 3-phase, frequency between 49.5-50.5 HZ



Raw MaterialTypeGalvanized Sheet
PerformanceSpeedMax. 15m/min
Capacity3 T
Main MachineMain Roller Station18
Main DriveHydraulic Motor or Servo Motor
Transmission TypeChain
CuttingCutter TypeHydraulic
Cutter MaterialCr12

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