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“C” Section profile Roll Forming Line

“C” Section profile Roll Forming Line

I. Profile drawings: (according to confirmation by both parties)

II. Process flow:

No power uncoiling→ Leveling machine → (More specifications) Forming machine →Straightening head →Cut off→ unloading

III. Main data:

1.    Suitable materials   : Galvanized steel strip: 0.4-0.6mm, Roll coated aluminum strip        : 0.5 - 0.75mm.

2.    Material width          : 65-210mm.

3.    Coil ID                      : 500mm

4.    Coil OD                    : 1500mm

5.    loading weight         : 1000kg

6.    Forming speed        : 0-45 m / min

7.    Feeding accuracy    : L≤2000mm ± 1.0 (related to material quality)

8.    Straightness accuracy  : L≤1000mm ± 1.0 (related to material quality)

9.    Power supply voltage   : 415 V, 50Hz, 3Ph

10. Feeding direction          : As per user

11. Machine color               : blue and orange red or as per buyer

IV. Main components

Name Model/name Qty. instructions
1. Single head material rack ML-300 1 sets Passive uncoiling, manual expansion
1.     Main engine forming system Feeding guide device 1 sets horizontal direction
Horizontal frame 12 Nos The lower shaft is active and the upper shaft is passive; the roller is between the two standing house plates.
Cut-off system 1 sets Auto length setting, hydraulic cutting
2.     unloading table 1 sets With finished unloading rack
3.     Electric control system 1 sets PLC Control system

V. Parameters of each component

1. Uncoiling/leveling machine

(1) Function                   : single head

(2) Roll support              : cantilever

(3) Unwinding method   : passive

(4) Tightening method   : mechanical linkage

(5) Loading Capacity           : 1000KG

(6) Coil I.D                      : 500MM

(7) Coil O.D                    : 1500MM

(8) Uncoiler power         : no power

2. Roll Former

1.Roll forming system

1)    Frame: Welding the overall structure from profiled steel,Frame bottom plate thickness: 25mm

2)    Standing house side panel:individual standing house,After finishing the surface is blackened; horizontal axis diameter φ42, key 12mm.

3)    Roll material: Cr12 die steel

4)    Straightening and shaping: adopts single-channel stick-wheel structure, adjustable up, down, left and right.

5)    Transmission mechanism: the motor is directly connected to the worm gear reducer, the worm gear reducer is connected to the shaft, and the roller is connected to the gear reducer.

Standing house structure and transmission diagram.


6) Roller way qty.                : 12 NOS.

7) Forming machine form   : from left to right or as per buyer

8) Forming speed              : 0-45 m/min

9) Machine motor power    : 5.5kw


3.Hydraulic cutting

1) Adopt hydraulic pressure to cut off power, hydraulic station built-in main engine.

2) Cutting method: Auto cut off, cutter material Cr12mov is quenched HRC60 ℃.

4.Unloading table 

(1)  Material receiving roller size : 1200mmx3000mm

(2)  Structure                                     : Independent agency

5.Electric control system

(1)  Frequency control of motor speed control of main drive motor, Equipped with PLC programmable controller, Rotary encoder controls length.

(2)  With 7 inch color touch screen, control mode: touch screen and button control

(3)  With a handheld controller

Finished product reference

Machine picture:



Raw Material Type Galvanized Sheet
Thickness 0.4-0.75mm
Performance Speed Max. 45m/min
Uncoiler Type Manual
Capacity 3 T
Main Machine Main Roller Station 12
Main Drive Hydraulic Motor or Servo Motor
Transmission Type Chain
Cutting Cutter Type Hydraulic
Cutter Material Cr12
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