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“C” Purlin (100-300) mm Roll Forming Production Line (Without Punching)

“C” Purlin (100-300) mm Roll Forming Production Line (Without Punching)

I. Profile drawing: (according to confirmation by both parties)

II. Process flow:

Decoiler -----> Guide feeding ------> Leveling and straighten ------> Hydraulic cutting ------> Roll forming -----> Output discharge table.

III. Main Technical Data:

1.Uncoiler :

1)  Manual Unwinder: 5 T

2) Capacity of Uncoiler     : 5 T

3) Material width (max)      : 500mm

4) Inner diameter for coil    : Ф440mm - 530mm

5) Out diameter                   : Ф1500mm

2.  Feeding guide & Straighten device:

1). Pre-cutting before roll forming which no need to change cutting mould.

2).  Material of punching and cutting blade: Cr12mov

3).  Power for cutting: Hydraulic power 7.5 KW.

3. Hydraulic system pre-cutting device:

1).    Material of punching and cutting blade: Cr12mov,

2).    Power for cutting: Hydraulic power 7.5KW.

4. Roll Former:

1) Fit for raw material: Forming thickness 1.5.0-3.2mm, Q235, Q345 galvanized steel and hot rolled steel

2) Roll forming station        : 17 stations

3) Rectify rollers                   : 3 stations

4) Diameter of roller shaft  : Ф85mm (diameter of roller shaft: Ф85mm)

5) Material of roller shaft    : 45 # steel

6) Roller material                 : Gcr15 bearing steel, forged and quenched hardness HRC58-62 ° (Roller material: bearing steel Grc15, forging and quenching hardness 58-62 °)

7) Roller process: CNC lathe processed

8) Motor for height adjusting: 2x 075KW (power of height adjusting host: 2x0.75KW)

9) Motor for width adjusting: 1 * 1.5KW

10) Transmission: High strength Chain

11) Roll forming speed: 10-15m / min (not include punching & cutting time)

Forming speed: 10-15m / min (excluding punching and cutting time)

5. Unloading table:

1. Specification of  unloading table: 3000mm x 2 pieces (to meet the

maximum specifications of profiles)

2. Unloading table structure: roller structure, square tube welding, no power

  IV. Machine Picture:

Total Area for production line: 14m length x width 2.5m

Total weight will be about: 8T




Raw MaterialTypeGalvanized Sheet
Thickness1.5-3.2 mm
PerformanceSpeedMax. 15m/min
Main MachineMain Roller Station17
Main DriveHydraulic Motor or Servo Motor
Transmission TypeChain
CuttingCutter TypeHydraulic
Cutter MaterialCr12

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