//Automatic Cut To Length Line Basic Description

Automatic Cut To Length Line Basic Description

Automatic cut to length line is mainly designed for the production of small displays and small touch components. Is one of the necessary equipment for the production of liquid crystal displays, which is used in the post-production process of the liquid crystal display. The polarizers are attached on the obverse and reverse surfaces of the formed liquid crystal glass substrate according to the polarization angle. cut to length line is also suitable for various combinations of touch components and window protection. It can complete the pressure-sensitive bonding of film / film, film / B glass substrate, film to acrylic panel, and other different materials with high efficiency. Convenient, high product yield advantages.


Overcome the artificial bubble generated when fitting, wrinkles, halo ring, watermarks and other shortcomings. While improving the intensity of manual labor, we also get rid of the excessive dependence on personnel proficiency. cut to length line The equipment is equipped with multi-directional fine adjustment device, suitable for different shape products, with special fixture can also arc, diamond and other irregular shape of the product fit. Up and down the platform vacuum adsorption, equipped with international famous brand pneumatic components, precision screw and brand-name motor, under the command of the central PLC for accurate movement, is a small module and touch components and other optical products manufacturing process effective helper.

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