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Perforated Metal Ceiling Tile Fabric Sticking Machine

Perforated Metal Ceiling Fabric Sticking Machine is used for install nonwoven fabrics on the acoustical ceiling panel including 300*300mm perforated ceiling tile 600*600mm aluminum ceiling tile and 600*1200 ceiling tile.
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1. Production capacity 8-10 pieces/minute (based on 0.4mm thick aluminum plate, white latex and 35g non-woven fabric)
2. Scope of application 600×600mm aluminum ceiling, ceiling flange height <35mm. 3. Material specifications 0.3-0.9mm aluminum plate, non-woven fabric595mm. 4. Glue specifications white latex, transparent glue (107). 5. Incoming board requirements aluminum ceiling shape without deformation damage 6. Finished product requirements The aluminum ceiling has no deformation damage, and the non-woven fabric covers the whole area and has no wrinkles. 7. Cutting method heating wire cutting cloth 8. Degree of automation Manually cast the board to the conveyor, the equipment automatically completes the cloth patch and manually receives the material. 9. Design operator 2 people/line, 1 person for feeding and receiving. 10. Power requirements power supply 380V × 50HZ × Φ6

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