//Rolling Machine Safety Operation

Rolling Machine Safety Operation

1.starting prepare

1, check whether all parts of an exception, fastening screws (cap) may not have spare. Brakes should be normal and reliable.

2, in strict accordance with the thickness adjustment plate distance reel shall not be overloaded with work. Volume can not exceed the mechanical properties of pressure within the provisions of the workpiece.


2.in operation Attention

1, you must put a smooth piece, bit before driving is running operations, and should be a clear signal to designate a person command.

2, hands were not on the pressure plate on the volume and not permitted to conduct sample inspections, parking behind the license model checking roundness.

3, the volume is not enough pressure the entire round workpiece, the roll-roll-to-end steel, you should reserve a certain margin to prevent the workpiece falls hurt.

4, operating when the workpiece is strictly prohibited to stand on, nor shall have a good roll on the cylinder to find Shoen degrees.

5, roll roller thicker, larger diameter of the cylinder or material strength of the larger piece should be a small decline, and after moving several times roll Roll roll forming.

6, roll roller narrower cylinder should be placed in the middle of roll rolled.

7, the workpiece into the roll, it should be to prevent the hands and clothes were involved in the rolling rollers.


3.Stopping Note

1, if found abnormal noise when the machine running, should stop immediately examine and adjust the repair.

2, disconnect switch, cut off the power.

3, stopping the workpiece will be placed on designated locations

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