Cut To Length Line
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Cut To Length Line

Cut-to-length (CTL) unrolls and flattens a roll of material, cuts it into sheets of precise length, and stacks the sheets into a bundle. Functions may include, but are not limited to, coil inventory and coil loading, unwinding and unwinding, straightening of the leading edge of the coil, edge trimming, scrap cutting, and sheet stacking. Inline equipment used in the system may vary depending on width, thickness and incoming coil weight, and may include coil storage, uncoilers and coil loading, straighteners, flatteners, roll feeds machines, shears, stackers and related tools and accessories. Depending on the final end product used from the cut sheet, flatness can be a critical point, and a dual leveler, leveler, or stretch leveler can be used in the process.
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CTL Production Process

Our cut-to-length lines (CTL) can be used to process hot-rolled and cold-rolled galvanized, pre-painted and stainless steel coils, as well as non-ferrous materials - aluminum, copper and brass coils. Process metal coils by uncoiling, straightening, cutting to length and stacking metal slabs. These lines offer automation to ensure accurate feeding, flattening and shearing for a variety of industries.

Products Line Futures

A CTL or blanking line will take a coil of flat rolled steel from an integrated mill or mini mill, unroll, flatten and cut lengths to precise lengths, and then stack the sheets into bundles. Equipment will vary based on width, thickness and incoming coil weight. Rotary shear cut to length line up to 40Ton, 2500mm, thickness 0.2 to 16mm.
0.2-16 mm
Material Thickness
2,200 mm

Strip Width
up to
40 Ton
Coil Weight
up to
80 m/min

up to
900 Mpa

Yield Strength
up to
LIGHT up to 30Ton, 2000mm, thickness 0.2 to 3mm, line speed up to 220m/min
MEDIUM up to 30Ton, 2000mm, thickness up to 8mm, line speed up to 60m/min
HEAVY up to 40Ton, 2200mm, thickness up to 16mm, line speed up to 30m/min

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We, GUANGZHOU BLUE SKY MACHINE CO. LTD offers a range of slitting line and cut to length line with world-class quality standard. Have supplied these Slitting Line, Tube Mill and Cut to Length Line to over 60 countries. Especially for the Indian market, we have supplied and serviced many customers who are operating as Service Centre for Tata Steel and OEM for Auto Sector in PUNE, CHENNAI, JAMSHEDPUR, ROURKELA, BHOPAL, FARIDABAD, MUMBAI, NOIDA, HYDERABAD, KOLKATA, SURAT, etc.
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Our Designers Develop all New Projects According to the Customer Needs and Requirements.
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We have a well-equipped in-house manufacturing facility with latest technology machines.
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We have built Indian Local Marketing & Service Team in order to give better technical support.

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Specialized In The Production Of Cut to Length Line Since 1992,We Choose High-Quality Cooperative Suppliers, only Use High-Quality Accessories & Components In Order To Provide You With The Best Products.

Our Projects

We have team which designers develop all new projects according to the needs and requirements of our clients, so all our cut-to-length lines (CTL) are custom made to individual requirements. Advanced technology of our Cut-to-Length Line (CTL) ensures simple and reliable operation, resulting in an excellent quality finished product. Our customers are satisfied with our quality and service because even under Covid situation, our team can do the commissioning on time to ensure our customers can start their production on time.

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