//Street Light Pole Decoiling & Cut To Length Machine

Street Light Pole Decoiling & Cut To Length Machine

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Product Description

Street Light Pole Decoiling & Cut To Length Machine

The complete line are used in light pole, flag pole, high mass pole, advertisement pole, signal tower, electricity power pole, wind generate electricity pole, large diameters tube manufacturing, railway, highway, communication, making car, shop, spherical tank, steel structure, steel structure workshop and so on.

The world’s best leveling equipment, our own mechanical and hydraulic shears, looping pit equipment, and stacking/material handling equipment that is world class.

Complete line Working Flow:

1. Steel coil decoiling, leveling and cutting to length required.

2. Steel plate bevel cutting to trapezoidal shape.

3. Plate bending on press brake to pole shape

4. Pole gap seaming and welding

5. Pole straightening

6. Pole bending

7. Lamp door cutting

8. Hot dip galvanized

9. Pole polishing

10. Light pole painting spraying machine

Decoiling & cut to length:

Cut to length line is used for decoiling, leveling & cutting to sheet with different length,PLC control,fully automatic production line.

Machine components:

1. coil car

2. hydraulic uncoiler

3. leveler

4. loop pit

5. side guide & encoder

6. hydraulic shearer

7. conveyor

8. stacking device

9. unloading roller worktable

10. hydraulic system

11. electric control system

Working process:

Coil loading—uncoiling—leveling—side guide—shearing—stacking–unloading

Technical parameter:

ModelMaterial thicknessCoil width (mm)Coil weight (ton)Cutting length (mm)Speed (m/min)Capacity (kw)Occupied area (m)
range (mm)

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