//Steel Plate Bevel Cutting To Trapezoidal Shape

Steel Plate Bevel Cutting To Trapezoidal Shape

Composite Steel Lighting Poles Making Machines.

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Product Description

Steel plate bevel cutting to trapezoidal shape

Bevel cutting machine is used for Steel plate bevel cutting to trapezoidal shape, This machine is suitable for the plate cutting processing specially the long plate. Easy of operating and processing of optional length of the plate make the machine productive. Pressing the plate which needs to cut to walking-equipment through the hydraulic cylinder and shear it by revolving cutter accompanied the movement of the walking-equipment. It can also cuts taper plate according to the request inclination. Therefore, this machine widely used in the processing of light pole, vessel, metal structure, ships, building, hardware and so on.

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Technical data

bevel cut thicknessmm3~12
Max. plate widthmm2000
Max. bevel cut widthmm2000
Max. lengthmm12000 or 14000
(according requirements)
Bevel cut speedm/min.12
Motor powerkw5.5+5.5
Overall dimension40x3m( for12mlight pole),
or 46x3m( for14mlight pole)

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