//SS Slitting & Cut To Length Combined Machine 1.5x1500mm

SS Slitting & Cut To Length Combined Machine 1.5x1500mm

The Cutting To Length And Coil Slitting Rewinder Lines Are Designed For Sheets Or Coils Production With The Maximum Accuracy,China Manufacturers.

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Product Description

Ⅰ.Main technical data

1.Suitable material: σs≤360MPa、σb≤450Mpa cold-rolled carbon steel, galvanized plate
2.suitable slitting thickness: 0.2-1.5mm
3.suitable slitting width: 800-1500mm
4.suitable coil I.D.: Ф508mm、Φ610mm(Add washer)
5.suitable coil O.D.: Ф800~Ф1600mm
6.suitable coil weight.: 12t
7.slitting width allowable error:±0.05mm
8.Burr tolerance:≤material thickness 3%
(When the plate thickness is less than 1.0mm:0.03)
9.slitting speed: 0-100m/min (adjustable)
10.slitting shaft dia.: Ф220mm
11.blade size: Ф220mm×Ф350mm×15mm
12.blade material: Cr12MoV
13.blade hardness: HRC58-60
14.min. slitting width: ≥35mm
15.slitting nos.: 0.4~1.5mm: 20pcs
16.recoiling I.D.: Ф508mm
17.recoiling loading weight: 12t
18.total power: ~250kW
19.central height: 1000mm

Ⅱ. Component

1.material platform
2.hydraulic coil car
3.hydraulic uncoiler

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4.hydraulic snubber roll

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5.feeder & leveler

SS Slitting machine



stainless steel slitting line


7.hydraulic loop pit

stainless steel slitting cutter

8.side guide

9.Pinch rolls

stainless sheet slitting line



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11.convey worktable

slitter rewinder machine


12.scrap recoiler

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13.hydraulic loop pit Ⅱ

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14.damping tension unit

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15.separator unit

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17.hydraulic unloading coil car

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18.hydraulic & pneumatic system
19.electric control system
20.slitting accessories (blade, shim, rubber ring and spacer ect.)

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