//Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine

Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine

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Product Description

Longitudinal seam welding machine

This machine is used for light pole auto welding, max length 14m..There are submerged-arc welding, carbon dioxide arc welding two functions.This machine usually used to welding polygon, round, and taper light pole, it’s an auto welding line. The material car equipped with adjustable-speed motor, can draw light pole, moving from small side to big side. Hydraulic cylinder making press wheel to tighten light pole through mechanical chain and chain wheel, and some time do the welding. This is the world’s best leveling equipment.

Machine components

(1) Worktable to draw guide rail of material car

(2) Material car to draw light pole

(3) Hydraulic clamp & welding device (including 3 sets press wheels, suitable for polygon, such as octagon, hexagon, and round light pole.)

(4) Submerged-arc welding & carbon dioxide arc welding system, with welding wire feeding system

(5) Welding flux recycling system

(6) Rear support unit

(7) Hydraulic system

Technical data

1Welding diameter range60-500mm 
2Max. welding length14000mm
3Material car length1500mm
4Welding thicknessLight pole diameter: 60~500mm2.8~4mm
Light pole diameter: 250~500mm2.8~6mm
Light pole diameter: 400~500mm2.8~8mm
5Oil pump motor power4+2.5 KW double pumps
6Draw car motor power4 KW frequency conversion, speed adjustable
7Welding machine630A submerged-arc welding & carbon dioxide arc welding, copper coil structure, not easy to oxidize, has long service life.Option: Lincoln welding machine
8Welding wire diameterCan choose different diameters as per light pole thickness
9Running speed1.1~2m/min, stepless adjust, speed changes when thickness is different
10Weight8000 kg
11Overall dimension24000x2900x4000 mm

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