//HR Slitting Machine BSSL (1.6-8.0)X2000mm

HR Slitting Machine BSSL (1.6-8.0)X2000mm

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Product Description

Ⅰ.Main technical data:

1、suitable slitting material: σs≤450 MPa,σb≤600MPa CR/HRC carbon steel

2、suitable slitting thickness:      1.6-8.0mm

3、suitable slitting width:      600-2000mm

4、suitable I.D.:      Ф508mm—Ф760mm

5、suitable O.D.:      Ф1000~Ф2000mm

6、max.coil wt.:      30T

7、end product of coil I.D.:        Ф610mm

8、end product of coil O.D.:        ≤Ф2000mm

9、max.coil wt.of end product:≤30T

10、running speed: 0-60m/min

11、slitting width accuracy:±0.10mm

12、min.slitting width: 40mm

13、slitting nos.: 1.6~3.0mm:15 nos.;3.1~6.0mm:10 nos;6.1~8.0mm:5 nos.

14、slit blade: φ300×φ450×25mm

15、slitting shaft: φ300mm

16、slit blade material:H13K

17、slit blade hardness:HRC56~60

18、power:    ~380kW

19、power supply:As per user

  • machine central height:         900mm

21、Production line direction: as per user

22、Machine occupied area:LXW≈34×10M



Coil moving—coil lifting —uncoiling—pulling—feeding—cutting —side guide—slitting—storing—scrap recoiling—tension

—recoiling—unloading—(hydraulic system、eletric control system)


1.material platform

2.hydraulic coil car

3.hydraulic uncoiler

4.hydraulic snubber roll



7.hydraulic loop pit Ⅰ

8.side guide


10.convey worktable

11.scrap recoiler

12.hydraulic loop pit Ⅱ

13. tension unit

14.separator unit


16.hydraulic unloading coil car

17.hydraulic & pneumatic system
18.electric control system

19.slitting accessories (blade, shim, rubber ring and spacer ect.)

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