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HR Sheet Coil Cutting Machine

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Product Description

Our HR Sheet Coil Cutting Machine sold all over the world with the obvious characteristic like Coil weight : ≤10T,Strip thickness : 1.0-6.0mm,Strip width : 100-600mm,and so on.

Main Data:

1. Suitable materialHR, HRPO HRSPO
2. Material qualityUTS≤850Mpa; YS≤680MPA
3. Strip thickness1.0-6.0mm
4. Strip width100-600mm
5. Coil I.DФ508mm; Ф610mm with Sleeve-1; Ф762mm with sleeve-2
6. Coil O.D.Ф1000mm-Ф2000mm
7. Coil weight≤10T
8. Stacking length≤400-4000mm
9. Stacking Accuracy± 3 mm
10. Stack Weight5T Max
11. Cut length accuracy≤±0.5mm/M (max +2.0mm for 4 meter length, no (-) acceptable)
12. Burr Height≤ 3% of coil Thickness
13.Diagonal accuracy≤±0.5mm/M
14. Leveling accuracy≤2.0mm/m2 (for regular coil only)
15. Line speed0-55m/min, adjustable
16. Threading Speed10-15MPM
17. Total powerabout 145 KW
18. Machine central height1000mm
19. Surface finishScratch/mark/dent/fold mark free (same as mother coil)
20. Machine occupied areaLXW≈33×6M
21. Machine Total Weight58Tons (Appx)
22. Containers Required3*40HQ (for shipping)
23. Noise level80~85Db
24. Feeding directionas per user
25. Power supply415V, +/-15%; 3 phase, 3 wire, 50 Hz +/- 4%..
26. Ambient Temp.50 degree Centigrade
27. Relative humidity0.94
28. Cooling water inlet pressure16LPM
29. Air pressure requirement0.6Mpa

Product Picture:

1.Material Platform

HR Sheet Coil Cutting Machine Material Platform

2.Hydraulic Coil Car

HR Sheet Coil Cutting Machine Hydraulic Coil Car

3.Hydraulic Expanding Uncoiler

HR Sheet Coil Cutting Machine Hydraulic Expanding Uncoiler

4.Main Leveler

Main Leveler

5.Side Guide

HR Sheet Coil Cutting Machine Side Guide

6.Servo Length Control Device & Leveler

Servo Length Control Device & Leveler



8.Unloading Work-Table

HR Sheet Coil Cutting Machine Unloading Work-Table

9.Electrical Control System

HR Sheet Coil Cutting Machine Electrical Control System

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