//Cut To Length Line Machine BSCL (1.0-13)x2000mm

Cut To Length Line Machine BSCL (1.0-13)x2000mm

Cut To Length Machine China Wuxi Manufacturers For Sale In India Pune.Provide Best Services.

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Product Description

Cut To Length Line Machine BSCL (1.0-13)x2000mm China Wuxi Manufacturers For Sale In India Pune.Provide Best Services.

Cut To Length Line


Main structure description


1. hydraulic uncoiler

Use hydraulic double-cone structure to clamp coil, 2 engine bases on both sides moving by hydraulic cylinder, can centering at the same time. 2 shaft ends with pneumatic disc brake.

(1) loading weight: 30T

(2) brake model: 4-DBH205

Cut To Length Line Machine



2. hydraulic snubber roll & shovel

Composed of engine base, hydraulic snubber roll, hydraulic shovel, hydraulic leveling coil head, and mechanical peeler coil entry unit. Process: hydraulic cylinder driven, snubber roll to hold down coil, cut packing string, peeler coil entry guide coil head to shovel (shovel lift, stretch by hydraulic cylinder), leveling coil head by hydraulic cylinder, into feeder by peeler coil entry. All units back to reset condition by hydraulic cylinder.

(1) motor power: 7.5KW

(2) Reducer: BWY5 cycloidal-pin reducer

Cut To Length machine manufacturers


3. feeder & pre-leveler

With 2 nos. pinch rolls,2 nos. leveling rolls,Composed of base,pinch rolls,rough leveling rolls,hydraulic unit & power unit.Upper pinch rolls & leveling rolls adjusted by hydraulic cylinder. For the purpose of leveing coil end & into leveler.

(1)power:37KW(AC adjustable speed)


Cut To Length machine china



4. side guide

Regulate sheet into main leveler. Composed of frame, side guide roller, holder slide, vertical roller and adjusting device. Vertical rollers are mounted on both sides, fixed on each slide. Slide moved by hand wheel with feed screw nut to adapt different strip width. Manual adjust.

(1) width range adjust: 800-2000mm

(2) vertical roller: GCr15 (HRC60)

Cut To Length machine china Wuxi


5. roller table

with length 1m between leveler I and leveler II.

.help sheet to move from precision first straightener to precision second straightener.Designed as movabale hinge structure for convenient maintanence and adjustation for straightener.

Cut To Length machine for sale



6.Pneumatic length control device

Composed of engine base, supporting roll, to length roll, encoder and drive device. To length roll hold down by pneumatic, and it sends signal to display through rotary encoder to control shearing.

Cut To Length machine india


7. hydraulic shearer

δ16x1500mm hydraulic shearer.

(1) shearing type: hydraulic guillotine

(2) blade material: Cr12MoV

(3) shearing stroke: 20/min

(4) motor power: 22KW

Cut To Length machine Pune



8. Shedder

Composed of engine base, slide, feeding roll, and power unit, upper feeding roll pneumatic elevating, mechanical drive, the function is to convey sheets to material platform.

(1) Power: 7.5KW

(2) Reducer: BWY4 cycloidal-pin

Cut To Length machine in india


9. Material platform (12m)

Profile steel & plate welded, the function is to storing sheets, length 12m.

Cut To Length Machine


10. hydraulic & pneumatic system

(1) Hydraulic system composed of hydraulic control station and accessories. Hydraulic pump use Taiwan HongTai vane pump, and hydraulic components all from Taiwan LiTian (Rexroth), sealing ring from Taiwan DingJi.

a. flow: L=40L/min

b. pressure: P=12Mpa

c. power: 11KW

(2) Pneumatic system composed of pneumatic controller and accessories. Pneumatic components from Ningbo JiaErLing. (air source supplied by use)

a. flow: L=1L/min + air tank

b. pressure: P=0.6Mpa

electrical control system


cut to length machine manufacturers in india


hydraulic pneumatic system


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