//Copper Foil Slitting Machine

Copper Foil Slitting Machine

Our Copper foil slitting machine is Reliable, durable, and tough. Create seamless panels. Trouble-free machines. UL Certified. Long-lasting machines.

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Product Description

The machine is installed and tested at a customer facility in Canada.



aluminum foil roll cutting machine

2.Guide roller

copper foil slitting machine

3.Pinch roller

copper foil slitting machine


5.snubber roll

copper foil slitting machine

6.Double recoiler

copper foil slitting machine

7.Machine Data

1 Speed max. speed 150m/min
2 Max. power about 47KW
3 Slitting method active slitting
4 Machine directionas per customer
5 Machine paint color as per customer
6 Overall dimension (LxWxH about 7500x3500x1500mm



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