//CNC Light Pole Door Cutting Machine

CNC Light Pole Door Cutting Machine

Composite Lighting Poles Making Machines.

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Product Description


1Max. cutting length2500mm (for once cutting)
Note: the cutting gun stand is moving type, so, move the dolly, it can cut any length pole or pipe.
2Light pole min. diameter58
3Light pole max. diameter300, customized as per customer’s needs
4Plasma powerHypertherm POWERMAX65
5Cutting thicknessAs per plasma configuration
6Max. cutting edge thickness25mm, as per plasma configuration
7Cutting speedUsually 30-40s for one door cutting
8MotorServo motor
9Power1.5kw, 1500rmp
10CNC systemADTECH HC4300
11Control shaft2 axis, X,Z
12Plasma cutting gun1 set
13arc voltage height-regulating devicePortable CNC Plasma Torch Controller, XPTHC-Portable300
14Software1, Chinese
15Temperature0-45 ℃
16Humidity<90%, no condensation
17Ventilation, no big shake
18Input voltageSingle phase,220V, 50HZ
Three phases, 380V, 50HZ

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