C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine

This C&Z purlin quick-change roll forming machine can produce C shaped steel purlin & Z shaped steel purlins by simple steps adjustment without changing rollers.

C /Z Purlin Roll Forming line

Designed for C shaped steel purlin & Z shaped steel purlins

Easy to Install

Get your purlin roll forming production line ready within weeks.

Fully Automatic

Everything could be operated on PLC control system.

Maximum Productivity

Tai Wan design for best accuracy and maximum productivity.

how roll forming machine works

Process Flow
Uncoiling > Pinching and Leveling > Pre-Cutting Shearing > holes punching > Roll Forming > Stacking > Storage

5MT hydraulic decoiler

Feeding, Guiding and Leveling

hydraulic punching System

Pre-Cutting Shearing system

Forming Machine

Control Pannel

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Cable tray roll forming machine

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