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April 1, 2021

High Quality Full Auto Aluminium Foil Container 63T Making Machine.Packing And Shipping To Africa Angola.

A.Aluminium Foil Container 63T Making Machine component:
1.Decoiler (with an auto-lubricator)
2.Electrical control panel
3.Foil feeder
4.Pneumatic press machine (Capacity of 63T)
5.Aluminum foils container mold
6.Container collector
7.Collection table
8.scrap collector machine

1. 450ML 3 Cavity Mould
2. 1900ml 3 Cavity Mould
3. 2 Cavity Mould

C.Air machine:
1.Screw Compressors
2.Air dryer
3.gas tank

D.3T Hand Truck

E.Aluminium Foil Container Sample

F.The Text Aluminium Foil

All machines and molds are wrapped in stretch film, Use wire rope to fix the machine.

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