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UPVC Window Reinforcement Profiles Roll Forming Machine Production Line

UPVC Window Reinforcement Profiles Roll Forming Machine Production Line

I. Profile drawing: (according to confirmation by both parties)

II. Process flow:

Passive Uncoiler -----> Guide feed ------> Roll forming ------> Hydraulic Shearer-----> Discharge table.

III. Components of the Machine Line:

1. Uncoiler

1) Passive feeding, manual tightening

2) Bearing capacity of uncoiler : 5 T

3) Inner diameter of support roll : Φ508

4) Applicable roll width: 0-500mm

 2. Roll Former: 

1) Forming machine guide feeding frame: side hand wheel

2) Forming machine form: Torii gearbox transmission

3) Number of forming stations: 16 Stations

4) Shaft diameter : 80mm

5) Motor power of forming machine: 15 KW

6) Linear speed of forming machine: 0-15m\min

7) The frame adopts : I-beam welding

8) Rolling thickness : 0.8-3mm

9) Length sizing: 10m ± 1.5mm

10) Roll material: Gcr15 (quenched) hardness 58-60° (6 sets of wheels)

11) Blade material: Gcr12mov

12) Turkish correction head : effectively guarantee product straightness

3.Hydraulic shearer:

  1. Shearing method : step-less universal hydraulic cutting after forming
  2. Material of forming and shearing mould : Cr12M0V
  3. Heat treatment method of shear blade : quenching treatment (HRC58-62)
  4. Hydraulic system power : 11KW (single circuit)
  5. Oil pump of hydraulic station : vane pump
  6. Hydraulic motor : 5.5 K

4.Unloading Table:

1) Welding of square tube and stripping



S NoName of equipmentQuantity
1(5 T) passive Decoiler1 set
2Forming Unit1 set
3Roll6 sets
4Discharge tableOne piece
5Hydraulic station1 set
6Computer control system1 set

IV.Machine Photo

Raw MaterialTypeGalvanized Sheet
Thickness0.8-3 mm
PerformanceSpeedMax. 15m/min
Capacity5 T
Main MachineMain Roller Station16
Main DriveHydraulic Motor or Servo Motor
Transmission TypeGearbox
CuttingCutter TypeHydraulic
Cutter MaterialGcr12mov

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