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Door & uPVC Window Profiles Roll Forming Machine Production Line

Door & uPVC Window Profiles Roll Forming Machine Production Line

I. Profile: (according to confirmation by both parties)

II. Process flow:

Uncoiling (Passive) -----> Guide Feeding -----> Roll Forming -----> Hydraulic cutting -----> Unloading (Discharge table / Outables).          

III. Main Component Data:

  1. Uncoiler
  • Inner hole of material roll : ø508 ± 30 mm
  • Maximum loading capacity: 3 T
  • The maximum outer diameter of the roll : 1500 mm..
  1. Roll Former:

The forming machine design sequence deformation structure is composed of three-phase AC motor, frame, wire cutting wallboard, forming shaft roller, synchronous gear and so on.

1) Main motor power: 5.5KW-4P.

2) Number of forming rollers: 14 forming rollers (dual-row roller molding, shown below)

3) Forming line speed: 0-20 m / min.

4) Thickness of forming plate: 0.8-1.2 mm.

5) Roll material: (two sets) GCR15 hard chrome plated after quenching.

6) Bearing: Harbin bearing

7) Main shaft diameter: Φ70mm. Material: 40cr

8) Wallboard material: A3, CNC finishing.

9) Bearing seat: cast iron material, precision machining, high stability, long service life.

  1. Hydraulic shearer:

Hydraulic punching and shearing at mechanical shutdown.

1) Cutting method: hydraulic.

2) Blade Material: Cr12

3) Motor power: 5.5 KW;

  1. Unloading table
  • Unloading table size: 2000mm x 2 pcs
  • Unloading table structure : Roller structure, angle steel welding, no powerIV. Machine Photo
Raw MaterialTypeGalvanized Sheet
PerformanceSpeedMax. 30m/min
Capacity3 T
Main MachineMain Roller Station16
Main DriveHydraulic Motor or Servo Motor
Transmission TypeChain
CuttingCutter TypeHydraulic
Cutter MaterialCr12

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