//Cut To Length Line Transformation Significant Effect

Cut To Length Line Transformation Significant Effect

Recently, BlueSky-Machine steel belt business unit thin cross shear machine transformation effect is remarkable. After the transformation of the thin cross shear machine to achieve a cut and packaging a line to complete, shorten the production cycle, to avoid the artificial secondary packaging lifting and rollover brought surface quality problems, improve product quality. While reducing the investment of more than half of the packaging staff to improve the production efficiency, eliminating the need for secondary packaging to bring the loss of paper, reducing the cost of packaging.


It is understood that before the transformation, the thin cross shear shear after the composite board directly from the bottom of the board machine down, and then by the crane hanging out for artificial secondary pad paper packaging. As the plate is long, the packaging needs to be able to complete with more people, both time-consuming and laborious, and the film does not affect the packaging effect. At the same time in the process of workers flap film prone to scratches, creases and other surface quality problems, product yield has been affected.


The key to solving this problem is to make the equipment come from the rear. For this reason, the technical staff of the Division of the thin cross cut to length machine for debugging and transformation, removal of the thin cross-cutting machine tail of the safety barrier for the rear of the material to provide an open space, and in the cross-cutting machine behind the floor put up bearing rack. After the thin cross shear at the tail of their own design, production and installation of the three guide roller, on the basis of the original and reduce the two packaging staff, so that packaging work becomes more effort. The next step they will also organize the production of two active materials used interchangeably, to further improve online production efficiency.


This transformation, steel belt with the Department of considerable harvest. They not only achieved the efficiency and quality of the simultaneous cut to length machine upgrade, but also lifted the equipment function restrictions, to achieve the equipment to upgrade, the Division will be able to complete their own more than 8 meters plate shearing and packaging.


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