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Cold-Rolled Steel Cut To Length Machine (3ⅹ1500)

Coil Metal Cold-Rolled Steel Cut To Length Machine China Manufacturers.


Cold-Rolled Steel Cut To Length Line (31500)

Working process:uncoiling→leveling→length measuring→length cutting.It mailly composed of uncoiler,leveler,encoder,shearer,pneumatic stacker,hydraulic & electric systems,etc.

Cold-rolled steel cut to length line (3ⅹ1500) programmed by PLC,encoder setting length & then auto cutting.Line speed can be adjusted. Fully automatic production line,easy operating & high efficiency.

·High quality on leveling

·High Cutting accuracy

·High precision cut to length control.

·Perfect stacking.

·Delightful man-machine interface.

·Easy & simple maintenance.

·High efficiency production.

Main component of steel cut to length line machine:

1、hydraulic coil car

2、expanded uncoiler

3、snubber roll &peeler coil entry table

4、side guide


6、to length worktable

7、mechnical shearer

8、convey worktable

9、pneumatic stacking

10、elevating platform

11、unloading table

12、hydraulic pneumatic system

13、electric control system

Technical Data

Application:   σs≤360MPa CR,GI

thickness of coil plate:    0.5~3.0mm

width of coil plate:    800~1500mm

coil weight:    ≤15t

coil I.D:   Φ508mm、Φ610mm

coil O.D:   Ф900~Ф1700mm

Stacking length:   ≤3000mm

length cutting accuracy:     ≤±1.5mm/2M

diagonal accuracy:    ≤±1.5mm/2M

leveling accuracy:   ≤1.5mm/m2(for regular coil only)

power:      ~90KW

line speed:      Vmax≤30m/min(adjustable)


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