Pietra Calacatta

6 Hi. Precision Leveler

6 Hi. Precision Leveler Sheet Metal Cut To Length With High Accuracy.


6 Hi. Precision Leveler

Mainly used for aluminium uncoiling-leveling-cutting,with edge trimmer,specially suitable for high accuracy leveling of lower thickness cold rolled ,mirror finished stainless steel.




.2 nos main leveler,high accuracy leveling.

. 1 nos.6 hi.leveler, Germany “Lenz”Servo Motor

. high accuracy cutting.

·Perfect stacking.

·Delightful man-machine interface.

·Easy & simple maintenance.

·High efficiency production.

.length cutting accuracy:≤±0.50mm/2M

.diagonal accuracy≤±0.5mm/2M

.leveling accuracy:≤±0.5mm/m2


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